Continental Launches Conti360º Solutions for Fleet Customers
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Continental Launches Conti360º Solutions for Fleet Customers


Continental Tyres is now offering commercial fleet operators its Conti360ºsolutions so they can better manage vehicle tyres efficiently while reducing fuel and mileage costs.

Commercial vehicle operators face multiple challenges in managing large sized fleets. They constantly need to ensure their vehicles are in good order, operational costs are minimized and timely delivery of goods.

With tyres specifically, proper tyre inflation will result in the best fuel consumption, optimum mileage and operators realizing better casing value.

Conti360 comprises three offerings – Core Services, Advanced Services and Digital Solutions – which cover a variety of services and solutions including training, on-site support, and real-time tyre monitoring to help fleet managers operate more efficiently.

Continental Conti360

With Conti360ºCore Services,the Continental technical team conducts an analysis on operators’ fleet tyres to provide feedback on tyre performance, sharing industry-best tyre maintenance practises on efficient tyre handling and assisting in specialized driver trainings.

The training modules for drivers focus on the importance of driver behaviour, good tyre usage and maintenance practises, and the significance of good pressure maintenance.

Conti360oAdvanced Services provides fleets with ContiFleetCheck, a comprehensive health check solution where the Continental technical team will perform routine inspections using advanced digital tools which relays data to proprietary systems for in-depth analysis of tyre conditions including pressure and tread depth.

This active engagement provides managers with an overview of their fleet’s tyre efficiency, identifies trends and patterns of common causes of failures observed in the tyres, identifies areas for cost reductions and provides recommendations to be taken to further increase tyre life.

Conti360o Digital Solutions is an end-to-end completely automated offering with sensors that enable 24/7 monitoring of tyres on the road.

Continental Conti360

Fleet managers are then kept abreast and alerted via an online portal and analytics dashboards on potential punctures, pressure loss, tread depth and so on, to help them manage tyres, prolong tyre life and increase vehicle safety on the road.

“Though tyres contribute only 5% to a fleet’s costs, they do influence around 50% of the fleet’s operational costs through fuel consumption, repairs & maintenance and administration. Conti360º is designed specifically to minimize these costs with three distinct services & solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers depending on their fleet size and operating conditions.”

“Customers who implemented Conti360º solutions have realised savings in the form of reduced fuel expenses by up to 3%, and increased tyre mileage by 20% while seeing significant increase in vehicle and driver safety,” said Winson Khoo Han Kee, National Sales Manager of Trucks and Tyres at Continental Tyre Malaysia.  

According to Andrea Somorova, Managing Director of Continental Tyre Malaysia, the aim of Continental is to move beyond the transactional relationship so often associated with commercial tyres, and transcend into a technology-backed, value-added services and functional partnership with our commercial fleet customers.

“The technology within Conti360º will help our customers maximise their investments on tyres while deriving benefit from long-term after sales technical support and performance monitoring.  Conti360º solutions is the next step in fleet management operations.”

“Our investment in the development of these technologies, is our continuous commitment to our commercial and fleet customers to address real challenges so they can better meet their business goals,” she said.

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