Bentley Unveils New Rear-Seat Entertainment System
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Bentley Unveils New Rear-Seat Entertainment System

Bentley Rear Entertainment

Bentley recently announced the introduction of a new rear-seat entertainment system for both the Flying Spur and the Bentayga.

The new Bentley Rear Entertainment system offers the latest connected technology, combining a highly flexible system with class-leading Naim for Bentley audio already available in both models.

Bring your own device

An ingenious ‘bring your own device’ concept allows customers to effortlessly stream content from their own smartphone, computer or tablet directly to the Bentley Rear Entertainment system with the minimum of effort – and without the need to connect by cable.

The system incorporates two, high-definition 10.1-inch screens attached to the back of the front seats. The tablets are also removable and use crystal clear graphics with resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels offering perfect visuals on the move.

Sound from the Bentley Rear Entertainment system can be streamed via Bluetooth to either headphones supplied with the car or customers’ personal headphones.

2,200 Watts audio system

Alternatively, the sound can be streamed directly to the Flying Spur or Bentayga’s existing and class-leading Naim audio system, which in the Flying Spur features 2,200 Watts of power.

The system also delivers digital entertainment services like media and streaming content from nearly all service providers worldwide and turns the car into one’s own exclusive cinema on the move.

Bentley Rear Entertainment

Rear seat passengers can input content from their mobile device using a variety of methods. Content can be seamlessly cast from both iOS and Android media apps, to either of the Bentley Rear Entertainment screens.

Streaming services

Provided both the device and Bentley Rear Entertainment are configured to the same Wi-Fi network, passengers can also interact with their chosen like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Youku or Apple TV, where the content can be viewed on the Bentley system’s touchscreens. 

Mirroring from the customer’s device is also now possible with the Bentley Rear Entertainment screens.

This useful function mirrors an exact copy of a mobile device screen, including pop-ups, notifications and screen rotation onto the 10.1-inch screen.

Netflix comes pre-installed

Netflix comes pre-installed with Bentley Rear Entertainment. It can therefore be watched without the need to stream from a customer’s device.

Both removable touchscreens are equipped with an HDMI port, which allows the use of media devices such as an Amazon Firestick, or a games console.

The latest USB Type C port offers a convenient charging point for customer mobile devices, as well as back-up for software updates. A headphone jack is also provided, as an alternative to Bluetooth connectivity.

Bentley Rear Entertainment

The high-resolution screens are also touch sensitive, so functions such as volume, brightness, source selection and a handy user guide are easy to operate with the tap of a finger. 

Both Bentley Rear Entertainment screens are connected to the rear of the front passenger seats using a bespoke arm mount, which also connects power to the system. The screens and arms can be removed if desired.

The rear of the screen houses a discreet microphone, which monitors audio coming from the Bentayga or Flying Spur’s Naim audio system and ensures this is always synchronised with the media played on the Bentley Rear Entertainment system.

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