Auriga Deluxe 122 and Blizzard Car Carriers Now in Malaysia 
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Auriga Deluxe 122 and Blizzard Car Carriers Now in Malaysia 


With more than 30 years’ experience in the Malaysian Automotive Logistics Industry, Datuk Kumar Prabakaran is now offering a brand-new state-of-the-art vehicle carrier service, Starrtrek Carriers Sdn Bhd.

Built on a collection of vast experiences and knowledge from years of service in the Malaysian automotive logistics industry, Starrtrek commits to introduce its fleet of automotive transporters by bringing the best in class European-designed car carriers.  

Introducing for the first time in Malaysia, The Confidential Auriga Deluxe 122 and Blizzard semi-trailers are both game-changers for Malaysia’s automotive logistic market.  

Starrtrek Auriga Deluxe 122

Thanks to the combination of high-quality craftsmanship and build quality, the Auriga Deluxe will move vehicles without being subjected to the harsh Malaysian weather, road gravel and stone chips along every journey due to the trailer being confidentially enclosed, while the Blizzard semi-trailers are non-enclosed, it brings forth the potential to load more units per trip than the norm in Malaysia.  

This represents the ultimate evolution of a family of transporters for finished vehicles receiving maximum flexibility, high efficiency, driver’s friendly utilization, long durability and reduced maintenance costs. 

Starrtrek Blizzard

Both Auriga Deluxe and Blizzard semi-trailers are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems to aid vehicle loading and unloading with minimal handling.

Its lightweight high yield steel combined with new technology and innovation enables multiple high loading capacities for automotive logistics and transportation business, bringing forward a greater sense of reliability, safety, and ultimate protection to the vehicles during the journey, which is facilitated only by the best handpicked drivers to fulfil door to door services.  

Both Auriga Deluxe and Blizzard are supported by Scania Prime Movers which are fitted with GPS and surveillance cameras for safety and compliance. 

Starrtrek Carriers

Datuk Kumar Prabakaran, Managing Director of Starrtrek Carriers highlighted the fact With this state-of-the-art car carrier, we are setting another benchmark for higher quality and no compromise vehicle logistics service. We are proud to be a pioneer in this field and to be able to offer our customers even higher quality door-to-door services.” 

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