All-New Toyota Innova Zenix arrives in 2 variants, From RM165,000
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All-New Toyota Innova Zenix arrives in 2 variants, From RM165,000

Toyota Innova Zenix

For the first time in Malaysia, the Toyota Innova will be available in a hybrid version

UMW Toyota Motor has officially introduced the highly anticipated 2023 Toyota Innova Zenix, which is here to give models like the Proton X90 and the Kia Carnival a run for their money.

The main highlight of the new Innova Zenix is that it will be available in two versions, namely the Innova Zenix 2.0 V (8-seater) with a 2-litre Dynamic Force petrol engine and CVT, and the Innova Zenix 2.0 HEV (7-seater) with a Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) drivetrain. The pricing is as mentioned below:

  • Toyota Innova Zenix 2.0V – RM165,000
  • Toyota Innova Zenix 2.0 HEV Hybrid – RM202,000
Toyota Innova Zenix

Both Dynamic Force powertrains use the Toyota M20A 2-litre 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine, with the all-new Zenix 2.0 HEV having a 5th generation Hybrid Electric powertrain with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor working together with the petrol engine. Energy to power the motor is supplied by a 6.5 Ahr nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) battery which, like other Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles, is self-charging.

While the maximum output from the M20 A-FKS engine in the Zenix 2.0V is 174PS and 205 Nm, the M20A-FXS engine of the all-new Innova Zenix 2.0 HEV develops 152 PS and 188 Nm. However, with the electric motor providing additional power, the system output available is up to a maximum of 186 PS.

While the Innova Zenix 2.0 V comes with a 10-speed Direct Shift CVT with Sequential Shiftmatic, the Innova Zenix 2.0 HEV uses an E-CVT to send power to the front wheels.

Besides three driving modes, the all-new innova Zenix 2.0 HEV also has an EV mode which can allow the powertrain to run only on electricity for short distances. In normal driving conditions, the HEV system will automatically adjust use of the engine and electric motor power but EV mode allows only electric power to be used.

Toyota Innova Zenix

In terms of dimensions, the all-new Innova Zenix is more spacious than before, with 20 mm more length and 15 mm more width, 100 mm extra length in the wheelbase, and a similar overall height.

However, the appearance is significantly different and has a more premium image. For instance, the trapezium radiator grille is composed of hexagonal pieces which gradually change from top to bottom, creating a mesh-like pattern that ‘opens up’ at the lower portion. In addition, the lower half of the radiator grille frame is plated.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The LED headlamps and radiator grill form a centre core structure which is flanked by the side pontoons that create a wide feeling and emphasize the central extrusion. At each corner, 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/50 tyres are fitted.

At the rear, the centre of the rear door garnish rises up towards the window, creating a trapezoidal graphic for a powerful stance. LEDs are used for the main lighting units at the rear except for the turn signals and reversing lights.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The more premium positioning of the all-new Innova Zenix is immediately evident upon entering the cabin with soft high-quality materials used on the dashboard and other areas. The seats have a premium design with artificial black leather upholstery that is contrasted by the illumination on the ceiling.

The all-new Zenix HEV comes with Captain Seats in the centre row which are equipped with side tables. The two seats are positioned on either side with a walk-through space to the rear. This version also comes with a standard Panoramic Sunroof for an added touch of luxury.

Toyota Innova Zenix

For the Innova Zenix 2.0 V, the second row has space for three people and is divided 60:40 and can be folded down as well as slide forward for easier access to the third row which is divided 50:50 to give variability in cabin layout.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The all-new Innova’s dashboard features a 10.1-inch Capacitive Touch Screen panel in the middle for display of information as well as management of the audio system. The same display is also used to display imagery from the Panoramic View Monitor. Connectivity options include wired and wireless options for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto (with compatible smartphone and software) as well as USB & Bluetooth.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The instrument panel on the other hand, has a 7-inch Full-Colour Multi Information Display (MID) which shows information on the vehicle’s operation including real-time and average fuel consumption which can help the driver to operate more efficiently. It will also show warnings of speed limits with the Road Sign Alert system.

Both versions of the all-new Innova Zenix have Automatic Air-Conditioning for maintaining the desired temperature throughout cabin. Rear passengers are also able to regulate the blower volume on a panel behind the centre console box and can set the operation to automatic.

Toyota Innova Zenix

With passengers carrying many personal electronic devices that may require recharging on long journeys, charging points are a necessity. The all-new Zenix comes with USB ports as well as two 12V sockets (one at the rear), along with numerous cupholders for every occupant.

In the Innova CG, the cargo area is expanded by folding the third-row seats to the sides but for the all-new Zenix, the cargo area is expanded by folding down one or both backrests on the third row.

Toyota Innova Zenix

Despite the minimal increase in body width, the interior width is 550 mm greater while the floor length is extended by 86 mm. For ease of loading, operation of the rear door is powered.

Just like many of the latest Toyota models, the all-new Zenix uses Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. While having common elements to reduce cost, the variability of the architecture also allows engineers to have flexibility to differentiate models by incorporating specific features.

Toyota Innova Zenix

Benefits include greater rigidity, better agility and improved ride comfort while, at the same time, a lower centre of gravity can be achieved to Improve stability.
TNGA also helps improve overall acceleration and fuel efficiency as the architecture is weight optimised.

Up to 170 kgs is saved when compared to the Innova CG and with the additional enhancement of weight-to-power ratio of the HEV, there is even better fuel efficiency.

Toyota Innova Zenix

For the all-new Zenix, the monocoque construction (like a passenger car’s) also provides a more spacious interior with a flat floor for added comfort. The new structure allows the overhangs to be shortened (front by 55 mm, rear by 25 mm) to give the same approach and departure angles as the Innova CG model, while maintaining the generous ground clearance of 185 mm. The turning radius of 5.67 metres also helps with manoeuvrability in congested traffic conditions.

Toyota Innova Zenix

The all-new Zenix is the first model in the Toyota line-up with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0). Besides offering safety features never before offered in the Innova, TSS3 also makes the allnew Zenix Best In Class with the most advanced safety package.

TSS 3.0 consists of five Active Safety Systems:

  • Pre-Collision System (PCS)
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
  • Auto High Beam (AHB)
  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
  • Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)
  • Road Sign Assist (RSA)
Toyota Innova Zenix

While most of these systems are already available, for TSS 3.0, they have been further developed to expand their range of capabilities significantly. This is contributed by a new camera sensor with enhanced features such as an expanded detection angle (up/down and left/right) with greater forward detection (approximately two times further).

Other standard safety features include:

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)
  • Electrochromic rearview mirror
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • 6 SRS airbags
  • Front and rear seatbelt warning
  • ISOFIX points for compatible childseats
Toyota Innova Zenix

Like all current models offered by UMW Toyota Motor, the all-new Zenix comes with a 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage. The fully-backed factory warranty is transferable to the next owner if it is still in effect when sold off.

For peace of mind, the hybrid battery pack of the all-new Innova Zenix 2.0 HEV has a separate warranty of up to 8 years (also with unlimited mileage). The warranty package also includes the Inverter and Power Management Control ECU for the same duration.

Toyota Innova Zenix

UMWT also announced that it will continue to offer the current-gen Innova 2.0X and 2.0G (referred to as Innova CG) to those who require the load-carrying capabilities and more functional attributes.

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