360° Truck View Camera For Fleet Owners

360° Truck View Camera For Fleet Owners

Now this is a much needed product for fleet truck operators. Premiere Services Fleet Solutions’ 360° OmniVue is a multi-camera driver assistance system with four cameras for an all-around view of any straight truck. The system aids drivers in avoiding fixed obstacles and helps with manoeuvring in tight spaces, backing and parking.  Designed to eliminate blind spots, the system can help drivers avoid accidents which can cost fleets in repairs and liability claims.

The commercial-grade 360° OmniVue camera system uses surround view monitoring technology consisting of four high-definition, 180-dgree wide-angle cameras installed around the truck. One is mounted in the front, one in the rear and one on each side of the vehicle. The system stitches together the images from each camera to create a seamless top down view of the truck’s surroundings, in real time.

In addition to an all-around view, the system shows a rear view with grid lines when the truck is put in reverse as well as left and right blind spot viewing when a turn signal is activated. It can also use the front camera to show a 180-degree view when the truck is manoeuvring in tight spaces or entering a street with no other vehicles in direct view.

The 360° OmniVue features industry standard connections and connects directly to any commercial LCD monitor or in-dash screen based radio.  The camera has a 0.1 lux rating for night-time performance and all camera components are waterproof to IPK67 specifications.

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