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ZF and Foton Open Joint Transmission Plant in China


At the end of 2016, ZF entered into two joint ventures with Foton, a Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer, to produce and sell commercial vehicle transmissions. The partners have now opened a production plant in Jiaxing, to the south of Shanghai. The companies will focus primarily on the production of automated transmissions for heavy and light commercial vehicles.

The joint venture, known as ZF Foton HCV Automated Transmissions (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., in which ZF holds a 51% share, is focused on heavy commercial vehicles. The main objectives of this enterprise are the production and marketing in China of ZF’s automatic commercial vehicle transmission system, TraXon. The system will be integrated into commercial vehicles produced by manufacturer and joint venture partner, Foton.

“In China, the demand for automated transmission systems for light and heavy commercial vehicles is growing strongly,” explains Wolf-Henning Scheider, Chief Executive Officer of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

“Together with our partner Foton, we will produce our latest transmission technology in China and thus offer our local customers more efficiency, comfort and safety.” Compared to manual transmissions, the TraXon transmission, for example, reduces fleet average fuel consumption by up to 5 percent.

Heyi Xu, CEO of Foton’s parent company BAIC Group, added: “This joint venture sees the joined hands of two industry leaders. It speaks for the product innovation and business capabilities of BAIC, and ZF global leadership in transmission products and manufacturing.

Both parties will leverage on their respective technology and strengths, form a modular and standard production platform, in order to produce cutting-edge, efficient and intelligent transmission products for the world. We will provide Chinese customers of commercial vehicles the desired world-class products, leading the development of the sector.”

ZF Foton HCV Automated Transmissions (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. began production today. Production capacities in Jiaxing will be expanded successively and this is where ZF will produce the TraXon 12-speed transmission for the Chinese market. With an efficiency factor of 99.7 percent, TraXon is the most efficient commercial vehicle transmission on the market today and can be combined with additional functions, ensuring its viability for future market developments.

These functions include, for example, ZF’s predictive gearshift strategy PreVision GPS. With improved use of the rolling function this can further increase efficiency. The off-road and rock-free functions can improve the transmission performance during winter months, or in special vehicle applications.

Moreover, ZF Foton HCV will offer the TraXon transmission system together with the Intarder transmission brake. This effectively brakes heavy trucks without strain or wear on the service brakes. The Intarder can increase safety and extend the service interval, thus offering additional cost advantages in practice. Production of the Intarder will also begin in Jiaxing, imminently.

A second joint venture, Foton ZF LCV Automated Transmissions (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.,in which ZF holds a 40-percent share, produces transmissions for light commercial vehicles in Jiaxing for the Chinese market.



Isuzu maintains its love for Borneo with this new sponsorship. Isuzu has always backed the world famous Borneo Safari and now Isuzu takes on the ‘Kuching Marathon’, one of the premier distance running events in Malaysia and the most prestigious mass-participation event on the island of Borneo.

Long established as the leader in diesel engine technology producing durable and highly efficient vehicles including the legendary Isuzu D-Max that conquered the distance of over 1,800km from Bangkok to Singapore using less than 1 tank of fuel and Malaysia’s most popular truck, the Isuzu Elf, Isuzu has been the go-to brand for dependable and capable vehicles. As the main sponsors of the Kuching Marathon 2019, Isuzu Malaysia aims to play a more effective role in encouraging environmentally-friendly and healthy pursuits.


“As a brand founded on being the ability to go hard and run the distance, we share the spirit of endurance and tenacity with every runner in the marathon. It is in this spirit that Isuzu has chosen to be a part of this year’s Kuching Marathon,” said CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Koji Nakamura.

An official launch ceremony was held in Kuching graced by Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah accompanied by the Honorable Mayors of both North and South Kuching. Representing Isuzu Malaysia was Chief Operating Officer Masayuki Suzuki who handed over the sponsorship plaque to the Event Director of the Kuching Marathon Liew Tang Chieh.

This year’s Kuching Marathon is in its sixth edition and will begin and end at the Padang Merdeka on 18th August 2019. This year’s event will again feature four distance categories including the 5km, 10km, half marathon and the full international-standard 42.195km run that is recognized and sanctioned by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

The Isuzu mu-X tackling a deep water-filled hole

The full marathon will take participants through and past the administrative centre of Kuching North and through some of the more historic parts of Kuching South before heading back to the finish line at the iconic Padang Merdeka.

Prizes will be awarded for the full marathon, half marathon and 10km runs with individual categories for Men, Women and Veterans while the 5km fun run is open to runners of all ages and offers an opportunity for participants to soak in some of the unique architecture and rich history of Kuching city.

Isuzu mu-X in the hardcore section

The event is expected to attract over 11,000 participants vying to push their limits and to experience one of the most prestigious annual sporting events in Sarawak. Details and participation in the Kuching Marathon 2019 can be found at


HINO & YAMATO Want A Safe, Secure Vehicle Society In Malaysia

Hino Motors, Ltd. subsidiary, Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (HMSM), and Yamato Transport (M) Sdn. Bhd. (YTM), have created a new safe driving training program that leverages both companies’ safety-related experience and capabilities. The program focuses on a driver aptitude test (DAT) in a training facility belonging to HMSM which is offered at the Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC) in Sendayan.

Aptitude Test 


Malaysia has a population of about 30 million and a steady economic growth rate of around 5% annually*, making it a leader among developing countries in Southeast Asia. However, the number of road deaths in 2018 are as high as 6284, and traffic safety is recognised as a social issue requiring a cooperative response from both the public and private sectors.

*Source: Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Department announcement

Group Photo 3

HMSM was established in 1977, and in addition to providing best-fit trucks and buses for Malaysian customers, the company has promoted ‘Total Support’ to ensure that each vehicle purchased makes a strong contribution to the customer’s business. As part of this, the establishment of the HTSCC in 2015, is aimed to providing training programs that emphasized on safe and fuel-efficient driving which eventually works to maximise the uptime and minimise the life-cycle costs of the customers’ vehicle. Customer interest in the safe driving classes is high, and the company has implemented a program that is optimized for transport business operators in Malaysia.

Group Photo 2

YTM began operations in 1988, focusing on the forwarding and overseas moving businesses. In 2011, the company launched door-to-door parcel delivery services, ‘TA-Q-BIN’. When the business first started, YTM leveraged the experience they accumulated over many years of operating in Japan, particularly in regard to safety. In addition to educating drivers, they have promoted the development of in-house safety coaches, with the aim of improving safety instruction skills locally.

Now, in order to contribute to the development of a safe and secure vehicle operating society in Malaysia, the two companies are taking advantage of their joint experience in both Japan and Malaysia to launch an initiative for safe vehicle operation in the logistics and transport businesses.

accident on KL-Kuantan highway-3 accident on KL-Kuantan highway-2JPG


The training program provided by HTSCC includes safety-related content using a combination of driving aptitude diagnosis, training lectures, and vehicle training. The training is based on each driver’s driving characteristics, with the aim of further improving their knowledge, awareness, and driving skills for safer driving. Specifically, instructors use the results of qualitative driving aptitude tests, and give awareness through quantitative on-the-job training, as well as facilitate improvement in their knowledge and consciousness of safe driving. In addition, training results are shared with the drivers and business operators as an aid to their daily safe driving guidance.

[Training program]

Pre Theory Test
Aptitude Test
Analysis of Aptitude Test and Consultation
Lecture for Safety Driving [Human Characteristic]
Lecture for Safety Driving [Characteristic of Vehicles]
Safety Driving Session
Post Theory Test

* The aptitude test and consultation to be provided by Yamato Transport Malaysia.

Future Development

In the future, both HMSM and YTM will continue to work together to further enhance their programs and content in order to achieve a safe and secure vehicle operating society in Malaysia.

Hino Total Support Customer Center

The center was established in February 2015 as a test drive and training facility for customers. It is the HINO’s first permanent overseas facility able to carry out systematic driver training, from lectures to practical driving lessons. It has been very well received, and since its establishment the total number of users has already exceeded 10,000.

HINO is focusing on maximising vehicle uptime and minimising life-cycle costs, as part of the main fundamental values of ‘Total Support’ for customers’ businesses. This initiative is driven by the desire to help drivers improve their understandings and skills related to safe and fuel-efficient driving. There are also courses that focus on daily inspections to help prevent vehicle breakdowns, and training courses for improving safe driving techniques and hazard prediction abilities to help prevent accidents.

truck accident

[Facility outline] 

Name Hino Total Support Customer Center
Location Lot PT 11636, Jalan Tech Valley 1/2 & 3/2,

Sendayan Tech Valley, 71900 Bandar Sri Sendayan,

Negeri Sembilan

Supervisor Masaaki Honna
Established February 2015 (renewed in November 2017)
Site area 39,600 m2
Facilities Training building, driving circuit, narrow road
Total number of users Around 11,000(as of the end of March 2019)

 pickuptruck accidentIMG_1978

Reduction of Traffic Accident Count in Malaysia

Death rates on Malaysian roads record third highest globally*. The current trend of accidents and fatalities is caused by heavy and commercial vehicles, such as trucks and busses.

HMSM and YTM have partnered and aligned with the government initiative towards road safety and the reduction of road accidents in Malaysia. Aiming to increase road safety and reduce road accidents, the companies have provided a holistic training and support program at HTSCC. The training program works towards enhancing and publicizing road safety so as to enforce right driving ethics, to reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

*Source: WHO


PKT Logistics buys 20 Units FOTON Daimler EST

Malaysia’s logistic industry is growing and one of the biggest contributors to the growth is PKT Logistics and with their growth comes the need for reliable and efficient equipment and this is why they just took delivery of 20 Foton Daimler EST prime movers.
Foton EST Handover PKT_8823 Foton EST Handover PKT_8824 Foton EST Handover PKT_8825 Foton EST Handover PKT_8826

The EST-A Super Truck is a co-developed product which is a joint venture between China Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive and Germany’s Daimler AG, the world largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Also known as Energy Super Truck, the new EST-A comes with the new generation Mercedes-Benz engine for Euro V and Foton-Cummins ISG for Euro III.

The truck is built based on three core technologies – new energy, internet of vehicles and automatic transmission.

Fuel efficiency for the new EST-A Super Truck is increased through its high torque and low RPM technology. The aim is to realise a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emission, and a 70% increase in overall freight transport efficiency.

A 4-year warranty with unlimited mileage is offered by Foton-Daimler to further enhance customers’ confidence. 

Foton EST Handover PKT_8827 Foton EST Handover PKT_8829
So why the Foton EST?

Total Comfort Enhancements

Simplified-yet-modern exterior, advanced safety system, fuel efficient & comfortable.


Spacious, sedan-inspired interior, double bunk sleeper cabin.

Features 4-point air suspension cabin system.


Optional APU kept the cab at a confortable temperature when engine is turned off.

Powered windows, central locking system and powered sunroof.


High composite soundproof material and design, achieving less than 60 decibels noise during idling.

Enhanced Safety Features

After a series of improvements and upgrades, vehicles feature both mature technology and stable and reliable performance, making it the choice for logistics operations.


ECE R93 European Safety Standard Compliance

Four-point full air suspension technology cabin, which move backward during impact.


iBrake systems with maximum braking force up to 370HP to reduce braking distance.

Downhill braking improves by 50% compares to conventional exhaust brake system.

Larger rear window, ABS+ASR system, three point adjustable seatbelt, LED Day Running Lights.


Scania Has Record Truck Sales In Malaysia For 2018


Scania Malaysia sold 393 trucks in 2018, making it a record year for the 128-year-old Swedish heavy commercial vehicle company since it began its operations in Malaysia in the 1970’s.

“I would like to thank our customers for their continued strong trust in Scania. This is an endorsement of our trucks and the services’ ability to deliver the best fuel economy, safety, reliability and uptime as customers continue to appreciate the holistic and total solutions approach that we provide, especially when they look for the best profitability in the long term,” said Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

“I would also like to thank the passionate team at Scania Malaysia for always putting the customers’ business in the centre of their daily concern. We will continue to grow with our customers in 2019, especially with the recent launch of the New Truck Generation and the introduction of Scania Ecolution,” added Marie.

Scania1_Marie Sjödin Enström thanks Scania customers for their strong trust in Scania

Scania has introduced its latest award-winning New Truck Generation in Malaysia that has been designed and engineered to give fleet owners greater total operating economy and profitability, as well as lower CO2 emissions. The New Truck Generation by Scania is equipped with aerodynamic and powertrain innovations that cut fuel costs by 3 per cent, the result of the company’s largest-ever investment of some SEK 20 billion (RM10 billion), 10 years of development work and more than 10 million kilometres of test-driving.

scania fire truck_engine scania tipper 06539-036 08350-057

Scania also introduced Scania Ecolution last year. It is a tailor-made partnership between customer’s business and Scania, with the sole purpose of reducing fuel consumption up to 10% and lower CO2 emissions.

“It is a competitive industry that is increasingly focusing on sustainability, which we believe can go hand-in-hand with profitability for our customers. Scania Ecolution will facilitate the shift towards a sustainable transport system for transport companies whether it is transporting goods or people,” said Marie.



Scania Starts Industrial Operations in Thailand


Scania is strengthening its presence in Thailand and Asia, with a new assembly facility for trucks and bus chassis in the Bangkok Free Trade Zone. The new factory, which also holds a manufacturing facility for truck cabs, is the biggest investment in production that Scania has made outside Europe and Latin America.

Scania Group Thailand is a fully cross-functional set-up and includes employees from Scania´s Production and Logistics, R&D, Purchasing as well as Sales and Marketing organisations. The facility covers a surface of 33,900 square metres and the total investment in the factory is THB 800 million (EUR 23 million).

Scania’s vision for Asia is to strengthen its business in the region.The new factory in the Bangkok Free Trade Zone is a cornerstone of these regional expansion plans.

“With this new industrial establishment and with local suppliers, we can now build Scania trucks and buses according to global specifications, with Thai origin. It gives us completely new prerequisites for our growth in the ASEAN Free Trade Area,” says Gustaf Sundell, Managing Director for Scania Group Thailand.

“By increasing our local presence, we are now able to quickly respond to customers’ demands, and make sure that we provide the best transport solution for each customer,” he continues.

In addition to the new facility, Scania has established a regional headquarters in Thailand, to support Scania’s distributors throughout Asia and Oceania in developing business in their markets.


IVECO teams with Alfa Romeo Racing  

IVECO has announced it is now the official truck partner for Formula One Championship team, Alfa Romeo Racing.

The truck company recently marked the occasion with an official ceremony in Hinwil, Switzerland, following the delivery of 13 IVECO vehicles to the team – 12 Stralis trucks and one Daily van.

The event was attended by Axel Kruse, COO of Sauber Motorsport AG, and Thomas Rücker, Business Director of IVECO Schweiz (Switzerland).

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The vehicles will now be charged with transporting the team’s equipment to all the European F1 fixtures throughout the remainder of the season.

Thomas Rücker, Business Director of IVECO Schweiz, said the partnership brought multiple layers of benefit.

“We are proud to be entering into this partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing and provide transportation for the team’s equipment,” he said.

“IVECO has a long tradition of partnerships and participation in the world of sports, and in particular racing, where our trucks can be seen competing in the Dakar Rally and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

Generated by pixel @ 2019-04-02T13:23:13.753111

“We look forward to the new racing season and wish Alfa Romeo Racing success.” Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal, Alfa Romeo Racing, and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG, concurred. “It is a pleasure to welcome IVECO to Alfa Romeo Racing as official truck partner,” he said.

“Having a reliable and safe means of transportation for our equipment is an essential aspect of our logistical operations in Formula One. With IVECO, our team has an experienced partner by our side and we look forward to this collaboration.”


Ford F-Max Trucks are on their way

Ford Trucks has brought forward its plans to enter western Europe, following the success of its new F-Max range, the current International Truck of the Year.

Previously the Turkish truck builder had said expansion into western Europe was several years away, but last week Ford Trucks general manager Haydar Yenigun revealed it had pulled forward its plans, and was negotiating with new dealership candidates in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Ford recently completed its network in central and eastern Europe, and already has a service network across western Europe.



PLUS Highway Road Closure This Sunday (7/4/19)

If you’re travelling along the PLUS highway (North-South Expressway) this weekend, beware! There’s going to be a planned road closure due to Le Tour De Langkawi (LTDL). Between 2pm and 4pm, the Simpang Ampat interchange at KM217 will be closed. Do plan your trip properly, and leave early on Sunday or much later if it can’t be helped.

If you find yourself unable to avoid the highway at this time, those Southbound are advised to exit the highway at Pedas Linggi and use the back roads to get to Alor Gajah or Tampin.

Those Northbound from Johor Bahru should exit at the Ayer Keroh toll plaza. Use your Waze or Google Maps app or follow @PLUStrafik on twitter for the most accurate information.

PLUSline can also be contracted toll-free at 1800 88 0000.

Here’s some information about LTDL:

About the Le Tour De Langkawi:

Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL), Asia’s premier multiple-stage race, is the brain child of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed which made its debut in 1996 to place Malaysia on the world sporting and tourism map.

Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL), Asia’s premier multiple-stage race, is the brain child of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed which made its debut in 1996 to place Malaysia on the world sporting and tourism map. It was named after the jewel island of Langkawi, a UNESCO  World Geopark status island located off the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Back then, the race started off with a modest UCI-status of 2.6. LTdL has since evolved to become Malaysia’s biggest cycling competition and steadily raised its status to become Asia’s biggest race which has been upgraded to its current 2.0Hors Class, recognised and sanctioned by the UCI and UCI Asia Tour. LTdL is also considered as one of the world’s exciting races outside of Europe, attracting top teams from the World Tour, Pro Continental as well as Continental and national teams from Europe, North America, South America and Asia.  Over the years, Le Tour de Langkawi has sparked off great interests and received recognition from top European teams and riders. Known as a sporting spectacle which combines both sprinting and climbing elements, LTdL has produced names who have went on to make waves in the international cycling scenes including the Grand Tours. They include former world champion like Italians Paolo Bettini and Ivan Quaranta, American Chris Horner, Tom Danielsen, Stuart O’Grady, Graeme Brown, Robert Hunter, Anthony Charteau and many more. Sprinters like Andrea Guardini has also earned great reputation as the race’s most accomplished sprinter with record victories in Malaysia.  Asian riders like Wong Kam-Po, Anuar Manan, Ng Yong Li, Hariff Salleh, Fauzan Ahmad Lufti and Loh Sea Keong were among the notable Asian riders who managed to create impact in the Tour.

This year, we promise to stage an even more exciting race for both riders and spectators alike with the entourage heading back to Langkawi for the penultimate and final stage. Genting Highlands, the most challenging climb dubbed as the Tour’s queen stage, is back on the route map after a lapse of four years. The 1,240km 8-stage journey will take riders and the entourage across scenic spots along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia including big cities, small kampungs and historical towns like Taiping, Muar, Melaka, Georgetown and of course, the legendary island itself.

A total of 132 riders from 22 Teams from Europe, Asia Pacific, East and Southeast Asia, North America and South Africa are set to battle it out this year in the 8-day race to be held from 6 to 13th April 2019.

Official Press Release:

After further discussion with the police and the relevant authorities, the Simpat Ampat Interchange at KM217 on the North-South Expressway will be temporarily closed on Sunday, 7 April 2019 between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for the Le Tour De Langkawi (LTDL) which will be held at the connecting Alor Gajah-Melaka Federal Road 1. As such, for vehicles from Seremban/Kuala Lumpur heading towards Alor Gajah or Tampin are advised to exit the highway via the Pedas Linggi Toll Plaza. Meanwhile, for vehicles from South (Johor) heading to Alor Gajah or Tampin are advised to exit the highway via the Ayer Keroh Toll Plaza. As such, drivers are advised to plan their journey and use mobile applications such as Waze and Google Map, follow the PLUStrafik twitter or contact PLUSLine at 1800 88 0000 for the latest traffic updates on the PLUS highway.


Logistics Giant DB Schenker Expands Partnership with Fuso, Adds 4 Fully-Electric Trucks To Fleet


Logistics service provider DB Schenker and FUSO are expanding their partnership in the field of fully-electric light-duty trucks.

Thus DB Schenker took on four additional FUSO eCanter trucks in March for urban short-radius distribution in Paris, Frankfurt and the Stuttgart region.

DB Schenker has already been using an eCanter in Berlin since last year and is testing the use of the vehicles in mixed fleets. DB Schenker is now in talks with FUSO about further eCanter vehicles for additional European markets.

Tristan Keusgen, head of European Fleet Management at DB Schenker: “We need to bring goods into inner cities in a more sustainable manner and irrespective of vehicle bans. Our experience with the FUSO eCanter up until now has been valuable – it is perfectly suited to serving our customers in urban areas such as Paris or Frankfurt.”

“We are delighted that in future we will be working even more closely with DB Schenker on the electrification of inner-city short-radius distribution. The positive feedback regarding operation makes us very proud – and at the same time it is an incentive to further improve the FUSO eCanter. Our mutual approach is to learn from one another. In doing so FUSO can access the extensive network of the E-Mobility Group (EMG) within Daimler Trucks,”emphasises Harald Schmid, head of Sales & Market Management at FUSO Europe & USA.

DB Schenker is planning to use two eCanter trucks in France; they will be making around four trips a day with 10 to 12 stops in the Paris region. Two eCanter are also on the road in Frankfurt and the Stuttgart region, delivering to customers in inner-city areas almost silently and with zero emissions.

Since 2018 DB Schenker has been testing a FUSO eCanter as a series-production electric vehicle in Berlin under real operating conditions. The vehicle transports packaged goods in the inner city. Experience with the vehicle in Berlin has been consistently positive – drivers praise the pulling power and agility of the electric drive and the peace in the cockpit.

In addition to Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt, the fully electric light-duty trucks with an output of 129 kW and a payload of up to four tonnes are also on the road in other important European cities such as London, Amsterdam and Lisbon as well as in New York and Tokyo.

At present a total of more than 100 eCanter trucks are being used in delivery operations worldwide and have completed more than 300,000 km “electrically”.

The 7.5 tonne vehicles boast a range of at least 100 kilometres and are thus able to cover the requirements of customers in inner-city short-radius distribution without problem. The vehicles are charged simply overnight either with alternating current or direct current chargers depending on availability. Charging can be reduced to around 90 minutes if a high-speed charger is used.