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New Isuzu Authorized Service Centre Launched In Cameron Highlands


Continuing the momentum of growth in Johor in Jan, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd is shifting into higher gears to bring its focus to higher grounds in Cameron Highlands by opening its maiden Authorized Service Center through Weng Fatt Otomobil Sdn Bhd that have more than 11 years of solid experience in operation.

With the opening of this Isuzu Authorized Service Center in Cameron Highlands, it will bring the total number of Isuzu Authorized Service Center in Malaysia to 43 outlets.


Isuzu Authorized Service Center, Cameron Highlands is located at No.25, Ground Floor, Persiaran Oriental Lily 1, Taman Oriental Lily, 39100 Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, Pahang and can be reached at 05-2540992 for appointment of service.

In conjunction with this milestone, Isuzu Authorized Service Center, Cameron Highlands will be running a special promotion as a token of appreciation for all its customers’ support: Parts and Lubes – Discount 15% (Valid from February 2019 till May 2019)


Cameron Highlands is an important market for Isuzu LCV business as its terrain and road conditions are harsh and challenging, thus the demand for pick-up trucks are ever growing.

This demanding working environment will require routine service due to higher wear and tear. With the aim of providing an unparalleled user experience to Isuzu owners, the quality of regular service interval should not be neglected.

With convenience in mind, Isuzu Authorized Service Center, Cameron Highlands aims to provide hassle free to Isuzu owners as they do not need to travel far to an Authorized Service Center like they used to.

The inception of this Isuzu Authorized Service Center also aims to provide high quality genuine parts and top notch services by highly qualified Isuzu trained technician to serve and complement the growth of the LCV market in Cameron Highlands, targeting to service 300 units of Isuzu LCV during its 1st year of operation.



On top of accelerating its momentum in developing high-quality products as well as monitoring the statistics of product sales, Hino also believes in providing support, anticipating potential needs of the customer, and offering solutions that reflect customers’ voices.

The establishment of Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC) in Sendayan is one of the catalysts for customers and those in the region to improve in terms of cost, range and quality of services in their business, and also the acknowledgment of road safety.

In Malaysia, HTSCC has entitled as the only training center for commercial vehicle industry and the first Hino training center that is built outside its home country as Hino sees Malaysia has the potential in developing incessant support to commercial vehicle industry. As we generally known, the land route and ground transportation is the main distribution mechanism to most of the logistics commerce in Malaysia.

HINO trucks1

Operating since 2015, HTSCC is constantly updating its programs and increasing the list of training courses according to the industry needs. At HTSCC, customers and drivers have the opportunity to undergo training programs that are emphasized on safety driving skills, safety and eco-cien driving, driver familiarisation and so forth. All these curricular and practical trainings are aimed to minimize life-time cost by increasing up-timed and decreasing operational cost.

Heading to 2019, Hino is able to reach its goal in after-sales values and bringing up the awareness on safer roads involving commercial vehicles, as the training center had received a fortuitous number of trainees that undergo the training program throughout the year 2018. Since its establishment, HTSCC has received continuous support and encouraging responses regularly from the logistics industry, nationwide.

HTSCC is deemed in giving constant exposure on the importance of safety driving skills and the right techniques on vehicle operation, which ultimately will bring understanding on fuel-saving consumption and expertise to reduce the risk of an accident to occur.

“When road accidents happen, apart from the tragic loss of lives, not many people are aware of the cost to businesses. These costs can be in the form of repairing the said vehicle, the insurance paid out to the affected families, the domino effect and disruption to business flow when traffic came to a halt and most importantly the reputation cost to the said company or brand and the country in general,” said Ken Iwamoto, the Managing Director of Hino Motor Sales Malaysia.

Hino_HTSCC (1)

In long-term achievement, Hino believes, Malaysia will be one of the developed countries with minimal road hazard cases and injuries on the nation’s highways.


Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Electric Buses Begin Operation In Europe


The first battery-electric driven series-production Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses have been in operation in public transport in Germany for several weeks now, with more electric buses to follow in the coming weeks.

The company has also received many first orders from neighbouring European countries like France and Poland.

However, there is not yet a universal demand for electric buses from the public transport companies. This might be because switching a conventional bus fleet to electric drive and ensuring the necessary infrastructure can be more complex than planned.

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro is not produced in a prototype workshop but on the same production line as all of the other city buses in the plant in Mannheim and has thus achieved production standard.

The eCitaro buses that will be available for testing in European cities are equipped with ten battery packages and a total capacity of 243 kWh as well as electric motors mounted close to the wheel hubs.


The thermal management optimised to the very last detail with battery cooling, air conditioning with a heat pump and connected components is a highlight in the world of bus construction.

These features ensure minimum energy consumption and in turn the highest efficiency and maximum range. The fact that the power consumption of an electric bus for heating and cooling can be as much as 50 percent is a challenge that in the main only bus specialists are aware of.

The complex chassis of electric buses is characterised by the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as well as roll and pitch control, for example. Safety, efficiency and environmental conservation are all integral to the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro.


Volvo To Deliver Ireland’s First Electric Bus


Volvo Buses has been awarded the contract to supply a fully electric bus to the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel. This will be the first electric bus to go into operation in Ireland and will provide an efficient and environmentally friendly service for passenger transfers at Dublin Airport.

An increasing number of countries are shifting to sustainable public transport and electrified city buses. Volvo Buses has been selected to deliver the first ever fully electric bus to Ireland.

The partners in the project are Volvo Buses, Crowne Plaza Hotel and energy company ESB.  The bus will be deployed at the end of the year on a route which operates between the Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn Express and Terminals 1 and 2 at Dublin Airport.

In addition to being the first commercial electric bus to enter service in Ireland, it uses high power CCS combo 2 150kW plug-in charging.  The bus is a single door 12m Volvo 7900 Electric with 200kW battery capacity, which will be recharged at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Nick Page, Managing Director for Volvo Bus UK & Ireland, said: “We’re really pleased that the 7900e has been chosen to provide services for these hotels in and around Dublin Airport and that it will be the first electric bus to enter operation anywhere in Ireland.”

“We’ve seen from experience with the 7900e the kind of contribution that can be made to improving air quality. In addition to the UK trials, it has been successfully tried and tested across Europe in countries including Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.“

In the UK, 8 fully electric Volvo buses are in operation in Harrogate.  In all, Volvo has delivered more than 4000 electrified buses worldwide.


Foton Offers A 5-Year “Resale Value Guarantee” Program  

Mpire Commercial is the official distributor for Foton Daimler EST & ESTA models which offer both 4×2 and 6×4 specifications. In the very near future Mpire Commercial is about to introduce the 6×2 spec to Malaysia market.

Foton Daimler is also quoted as the best China produced Heavy Truck in Malaysia which equipped with Daimler designed, American’s Cummins Engine, German’s ZF Gearbox. Foton Daimler truck is definitely a solution for customer which is looking forward for cost saving with excellent performance and durability.

With the overwhelming demand, Mpire Commercial has decided to introduce the “Resale Value Guarantee” program with the objective to enhance customer experience as well as a token of appreciation for pioneer customers.

Foton buy back 5 years


The terms and conditions for the entitlement of the “Resale Value Guarantee” program as follows:

  • 5 years buy-back value at maximum 30% based on initial prime mover (body excluded)  invoices price from Mpire Commercial Sdn Bhd only (subject to the Prime Mover conditions and service records),
  • Entitled Prime mover is obliged to service at Mpire Commercial showroom or any appointed service center throughout the 5 years period,
  • Unauthorized modification on Prime mover engine, transmission, and main chassis shall void the validity of the buy-back program regardless is a major or minor modification,
  • If Prime mover electrical features, vehicle components, chassis and engine number is being tempered it shall not entitled for the buy-back program,
  • Prime mover which aged lesser then 5 years (calculated from date of registration) buy-back value shall be determine by Mpire Capital based on Prime mover condition and market condition which the price offered is deemed final,
  • The 30% buy-back value is subject to the 100% of refurbishment cost of the vehicle, in order to determine the final value of buy-back vehicle, and
  • To qualify for the buy-back program customer is obliged to purchase a new Prime Mover from Mpire Commercial before surrender the second hand Prime mover.

For this program Mpire Commercial is the merely the seller and the 5 years buy back policy is being underwrite by Mpire Capital, a related company to Mpire Commercial.

Mainly because Mpire Commercial is not involved in the evaluation of the buy-back process; thus Mpire Capital Sdn Bhd shall reserve the final right to opt for an acceptation or rejection of Prime mover buy-back of truck bases on terms and conditions aforementioned.


All-New 2019 Toyota Hiace Unveiled


Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has unveiled its first new Hiace model designed for overseas markets.

The new Hiace is built on a special revised platform that not only greatly enhances comfort and safety, but is extremely durable with excellent basic performance, making it suitable both for customers’ daily lives and for business.


In emerging markets, where the automobile market has continued to expand throughout approximately the last decade, demand has risen for passenger transportation including tourist minibuses, private buses, and vehicles for use in logistics.

The new Hiace has been developed to be able to flexibly respond to these diverse needs.


Following launch in the Philippines, the new model is to be gradually introduced in other countries and regions, with a focus on emerging markets. The current Hiace model will continue to be sold in Japan as-is, due to the different local market environment.

“The Hiace was developed using the key words of “Hiace Pride,” and from the concept of being a faithful partner that makes people feel safe, satisfied, and proud. Owners, drivers, and passengers know they are in good hands when they own, drive, and ride in a Hiace,” commented Chief Engineer Takuo Ishikawa, who was responsible for development.


Since the launch of the first-generation Hiace in 1967, it has become one of Toyota’s representative global vehicles, with more than 6.24 million units sold in over 150 countries. The Hiace demonstrates prowess through its high durability and reliability, and has been used as a van, a minibus, and as private transportation. Currently, it is largely sold in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Mexico, and Latin America.



  • Two body types are available: Normal/Standard Roof and Long/High Roof.
  • Leveraging the semi-bonnet package, the Hiace’s most important features―its reliability, toughness, and functional beauty―are evolved and enhanced, creating an external style that suggests a comfortable and sophisticated space.



  • Layouts with multiple rows of seats or increased storage space are available to suit various uses*.
  • Up to 17 people can be carried in the “Commuter” versions―the most in its class―for private bus use.
  • A specialized interior and functions for comfort are adorned in the new “Tourism” versions.
  • The “Van” versions feature storage space sufficiently large for pallets from any country or region.
  • The comfortable interior design provides peace of mind while functionality for driver and passenger needs is upgraded, as demonstrated by large door pockets and generous under-seat stowage.


Driving performance

  • The new Hiace offers greatly improved ride comfort, quietness, and safety via an all-new body based on the design ideas of TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), such as high-level body rigidity achieved through ring-shaped frame structures.
  • The comfortable interior reduces driver fatigue even over long distances, and high durability delivers safety and peace of mind whatever the road conditions.
  • The engine is available either as the 1GD (2.8-liter diesel) or the 7GR (3.5-liter gasoline).


Safety equipment

The Hiace comes with Toyota Safety Sense and achieves performance equivalent to five stars in the Euro NCAP.


Mitsubishi 4-Wheel Drive Explained

Mitsubishi Motors brings a strong focus on quality to all of its 4WD vehicles. Mitsubishi takes into consideration the size and use of each vehicle in order to implement the most appropriate 4WD system.

IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391

Electronically Controlled 4WD

The electronically controlled 4WD system comes in three modes which can be chosen according to the driver’s preferences and the driving conditions. Drivers can switch the drive mode instantly and while driving the vehicle. All that is required is a single touch of the drive mode selector on the centre console. The front and rear torque distribution mechanism uses electronically controlled coupling to distribute the torque between the front and rear wheels appropriately at all times, based on vehicle driving conditions and the operation by the driver, etc. Furthermore, it ensures outstanding traction performance while at the same time eliminating the tight corner braking phenomenon characteristic of 4WDs.


AONE Group Trusts In Scania Reliability


Scania Malaysia recently handed over new Scania prime movers to first time customer AONE Logistics Sdn. Bhd. (AONE), which recently acquired additional units to facilitate the expansion of its trucking and haulage requirements.

Held at the Scania Malaysia headquarters in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, the keys were presented by Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director Marie Sjödin Enström to AONE Managing Director, S. Palani.

S. Palani cited performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety of the vehicles, along with excellent after sales service as some of the reasons why Scania was the ideal choice for its business operations and total operating economy.

3_Scania team and AONE team in a partnership towards minimal downtime with Scania's end-to-end services

“As a logistics company, it is crucial that we provide good end-to-end service with minimal downtime to our customers and I believe Scania can help to ensure that we do so with the attractive total solutions package it offers, as well as its systematic way of managing fleets,” said S. Palani.

AONE purchased a total of 15 Scania G-Series trucks – nine G360LA4x2MNA, five G410LA6x2MSZ and one G460LA6x2MSZ – all of which offer powerful performance and increased fuel savings that can help attain the best profitability during long-haul operations, making them suitable for the company’s services.

The acquisition was made on hire purchase terms facilitated by Scania’s financial services provider – Scania Credit Malaysia – that is focused on giving its customers tailored and sustainable financial packages that best suit their business needs.

2_Scania Southeast Asia Managing Dire ctor, Marie Sjödin Enström showing AONE Group Managing Director, S. Palani the features of the Scania truck

The trucks will also be insured by Scania Credit Malaysia, which offers Scania customers peace of mind with benefits that minimise financial loss and handling of damages while optimising uptime including an accelerated claims process, special waiver on loading rate of up to five years and excess rate for vehicles sent to Scania workshops.

AONE’s purchase comes with the standard package of two-year free Scania Maintenance; two-year free 24/7 Scania Assistance and a ten-year free Control 10 Fleet Management System (FMS) that digitally enables them to monitor the performance of itsdrivers as frequent as every ten minutes via real time updates.

To ensure smooth productive deliveries, AONE also signed a seven-year Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Contract, as well as Scania Fleet Care, covering scheduled maintenance of the vehicles and breakdown assistance.

“For Scania, today’s handover is a reflection of the Company’s on-going commitment to the quality, safety and performance of our vehicles and we are indeed very happy that AONE Logistics has placed their trust in Scania for the best profitability and sustainability of their business,” said Marie.



Renault Reaffirms Commitment To The World Food Programme In Africa


For the past five years, Renault Trucks has been sending volunteer staff to developing countries to share their expertise with local World Food Programme teams.

A total of 200 people have been trained during the fifteen training sessions held in twelve different countries. Boosted by this positive result, the constructor is renewing its partnership for a further three-year period.

Since 2012, the manufacturer has deployed a mobile training unit and sent volunteer staff to several WFP offices within Africa to share their skills and train local teams. This has resulted in fifteen training sessions being held in twelve African countries, training a total of two hundred mechanics, workshop supervisors and fleet managers.


Jean-François Milhaud, the World Food Programme Global Fleet Manager, gave a positive assessment of these five years of cooperation. “WFP’s partnership with Renault Trucks is of great importance and is highly regarded. Their support in training and upskilling our staff has been incredibly valuable and has resulted in a range of benefits, including increased motivation amongst staff, cost savings and operational efficiencies.”

The manufacturer has therefore decided to allocate a second mobile training unit to the World Food Programme – a Renault Trucks K 6×6 – which will be dedicated to supporting WFP teams working in West Africa.

The other mobile training unit will be kept and located in East Africa. This new setup will facilitate the logistics of organising training sessions.


Renault Trucks is also set to add a new training session designed for drivers who often have to cope with difficult terrain. This will involve giving them more in-depth knowledge of their vehicle and its functions to enable them to deal more easily with complex situations.

The trainers will also help the drivers to gain proficiency in the precepts of rational driving. The training sessions for mechanics, workshop supervisors and fleet managers will be continued.

Last but not least, Renault Trucks volunteers will be deployed for one-month missions to the field and provide technical support to WFP’s staff in key areas related to efficient fleet management.

This partnership is one of the CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – actions of Renault Trucks. Fully aware of its responsibilities, Renault Trucks undertakes to design, produce and distribute products with integrity that meet its customers’ requirements, reduce the environmental impact of its business and fulfil its responsibilities as an employer, as well as its role as a corporate citizen in the countries involved.


Foton’s Engineering Advantage

We’ve all seen the improvements in quality that Chinese goods have experienced over the last few years. In every industry, there are brands that push the envelope in terms of what can be expected. For trucks, that brand is Foton. This is a company with ambitions of being a global powerhouse. In just a few short years, they’ve modernised their portfolio to leapfrog over the competition in every aspect.

foton trucks 1

Foton’s new EST and EST-A super truck, co-developed with Daimler is a prime example of the advancements they’ve made as a company. This vehicle comes with a cutting-edge Cummins ISG engine as well as the latest generation ZF gearbox. By combining these elements, you get an incredible 430hp and 2000Nm of torque and yet a Euro III emissions rating and fuel efficiency of just 2-3L/100km.

To get an idea of how much has changed, put these EST and EST-A models against the company’s previous generation prime mover, the Foton ETX. The differences are immense. That older vehicle was equipped with engines and gearboxes of Chinese design. They were made for a different era. Today’s Foton leverages their relationship with Daimler for the outstanding performance of their current flagship vehicles.

foton trucks

It’s even more impressive when you compare Foton’s products with other Chinese trucks such as FAW, Sinotruck, Shacman and CAMC. These companies offer low prices but only because they’re still using older-generation Chinese made ‘Weichai’ or ‘Xichai’ diesel engines. Many are still sold with manual transmission gearboxes. Foton’s use of the Cummins ISG engine and ZF Traxon automatic transmission elevate it to a different level of refinement. On top of that, it’s 30% quieter during operation and has features such as crawl mode and hill start assistance.

foton trucks 2

And how does Foton stack up against the market leaders from Europe such as Volvo, MAN, and Scania? Well for about RM100,000 LESS, Foton still gives you a truck with an engine from America’s largest engine manufacturer (Cummins), and a gearbox Germany’s largest transmission producer (ZF). On top of that, they’ve done the work to make their EST and EST-A super trucks more aerodynamic than many of their competing continental prime movers. They’ve done this by optimising the designs of their air deflectors, side aprons, bumpers and headlight housings.

And just like their European counterparts, Foton’s latest trucks have remarkably high safety and comfort levels. The EST and EST-A super truck come with ABS, ASR and Cabin Crash Technology. Their cabins are also ergonomically designed to give the driver the best comfort and visibility. Plus, there’s ample storage as well as a thick mattress for drivers on long journeys too.

Foton’s understanding that superior engineering is what’s demanded today is what sets them apart. And with unrivalled cost savings the company is able to offer their customers real value and world-beating quality.