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Volvo Trucks Malaysia Continues Momentum On Safety Campaigns


Volvo Trucks Malaysia continues to emphasise its commitment to safety through its two hallmark campaigns; “Stop Look Wave” and “See and be Seen”. Aimed at road users, in particular children and cyclists, these safety campaigns intend to raise awareness of risks and create an understanding on how to act safely in traffic.

Pioneered by Volvo Trucks in Sweden, the Stop, Look and Wave campaign was designed to help children understand how to act safely near traffic. With three simple steps, “to first stop, to then look and notice their surroundings and finally, to wave at the driver and make sure they have been seen,” the campaign offers simple yet important advice to children that may ultimately save lives.

Commenting on the Stop, Look and Wave campaign, Mitch Peden, the Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia said, “Over 260,000 children around the world die in traffic accidents each year. Through collaboration with local partners, we hope to do our part to keep Malaysian children safe on the road.”

The See and Be Seen initiative on the other hand focuses on awareness while in traffic. Armed with the knowledge that most accidents are due to human factors such as lack of attention, poor understanding and misjudgement, Volvo Trucks took the lead in designing fun activities that demonstrate how safety can be improved in the interactions between cyclists, motorcylists and truck drivers and thereby reduce the risk of accidents.


In collaboration with Petronas Carigali in Kerteh, Volvo Trucks organised the Festive Season Safe Drive Campaign to help shed more light on road safety, highlighting the large number of road deaths in Malaysia involving motorcyclists. As part of the Volvo’s See and Be Seen Campaign, participants were shown a presentation on road safety by professional driver trainers from Volvo Trucks and took part in activities that gave them an opportunity to apply their knowledge on blind spots.

“81% of road accidents in Malaysia are due to human errors,” adds Peden. “It is not enough for us to make our trucks safer, we play an important role in making sure the world’s roads are safer too. Safety talks with our partners and the communities that we operate in are part of Volvo Trucks’ on-going efforts to make our roads safer fo everyone.”

Through both of these campaigns, Volvo Trucks aims to combat the impact of road accidents and make a positive difference to the lives of road users, not just in Malaysia but around the globe. Volvo Trucks actively supports and collaborates with communities and organisations across Malaysia to help promote road safety


Foton & Mpire Group on track for Malaysian success

In early 2018, Mpire Group signed an agreement to distribute Beiqi Foton Motor (herein referred to as, ‘Foton’) vehicles. These vehicles include the ‘View C2 Panel Van (4.8 meters)’, ‘View CS2L 18 seater Window Van (6 meters)’ and ‘Foton-Daimler EST-A Super Heavy Truck’ and ‘EST Super Heavy Truck’.

About Foton’s Vehicles 

View C2 Panel Van & View CS2L 18-Seater Window Van

The C2 is powered by a proven Isuzu 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine while the CS2L has the mighty Cummins ISF 2.8-litre diesel engine.

The View CS2L is fitted with a modern Electronic Control Unit (“ECU”) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (“EGR”) system, allowing the window van to operate with a lower carbon footprint and higher efficiency. It also has Bosch’s four-channel ABS + EBD, a “3H high-strength” body, strong anti-collision bars, front and rear bumpers, dual airbags, a collapsible steering column and three-point seat belts. This makes it one of the safest vans in the domestic market.

Foton Daimler EST-A

The Foton Daimler EST-A is also known as the “Energy Super Truck”. It comes equipped with the latest generation Foton-Cummins ISG diesel engine. The truck is built around three core technologies: new energy, internet of vehicles and the automatic transmission.

This “Energy Super Truck” has been engineered for maximum fuel efficiency through its High Torque and Low RPM technology. The aim is to realize a 30% decrease of fuel consumption, a 30% decrease of carbon emission, and a 70% increase in overall freight transport efficiency.


About Beiqi Foton Motor

Headquartered in Beijing, Foton has been a major manufacturer of trucks, buses, tractors, heavy duty as well as passenger vehicles and machinery since 1996. They are a part of two important 50:50 joint ventures. The first with Daimler AG (Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd) which resulted in the development of the ‘Foton-Daimler Super Truck’. The second is with Cummins Inc. (Foton Cummins Engine Company) which produces the diesel engines found in many Foton vehicles.

Foton has recognised the marketing strength of the Mpire Group and has selected them to distribute Foton vehicles in Malaysia.

About MPire Group

Mpire Group aspires to change the way Malaysians perceive Chinese trucks. Chinese-made trucks, Fotons in particular, have improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Not only are they more durable and better built, but they’re also safer, more comfortable, more efficient and high tech.


There are currently 2 showrooms in Selangor for Foton customers. The first is dedicated to van operations and is located at 2, Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam. For super-truck operations, another exclusive showroom can be found at 2, Jalan Gitar 33/3, Elite Industrial Park, Section 33, 40460 Shah Alam. These showrooms offer one-stop service and are decked out with sophisticated equipment and facilities.

An additional 2 showrooms, located at Butterworth and Johor Bahru, will be ready by Q1 2019.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Prior to this, customers of Chinese trucks have had problems acquiring spare parts. This has made many reluctant to purchase new trucks. In order to boost customer confidence, Mpire has purchased more than RM1,000,000 worth of spare parts from Foton even before any trucks get on the road. This will maximise truck usage and ensure no “Vehicle Off Road” or “VOR” situations.


To further enhance customer satisfaction, Mpire Group has prepared a 24 hour off-road rescue team which can be reached via the toll-free number 1300-22-3399 beginning on the 1st of January 2019. A strategic alliance with a reputable company has been formed to ensure customer needs can be taken care of any time of the day, any day of the week.

Mpire Group will also launch an app for customers to more conveniently book service appointments. The app will also feature a GPS-enabled panic button to help pinpoint drivers who are in need of assistance.

Additionally, Mpire Group has appointed PKT Logistics Group to handle and manage spare-parts distribution. Being one of Malaysia’s largest and most competent logistics companies, PKT Logistics Group will be able to deliver spare parts within 48 hours to any local location.

By being customer-oriented, offering sustainable products with affordable prices, and by excelling in after sales service, Mpire Group is confident it can make Foton vehicles a success in Malaysia.

It is an exciting year for both Mpire Group and the Foton brand. Mpire is proud  to represent Foton in this niche segment and will strive to achieve excellence in term of customer satisfaction.

For more information, please head to the ‘Foton-Malaysia’ Facebook page (


PKT takes delivery of their Foton Supertrucks

Malaysia’s fastest growing warehousing and logistic provider, PKT Logistic will be the very first of many logistic companies in the country to use The all new Foton Automatic Transmission Supertruck which is designed by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), powered by Cummins (world largest independent diesel engine producer), working with the german made ZF gearbox and produced by China Largest Commercial Vehicle Brand by export and sales, Foton. 



Renault Trucks T 2019 Breaks Cover


Renault Trucks has launched the T 2019 on the market. Equipped with new Euro 6 Step D motorisation, the T version 2019 boasts a 3% reduction in fuel saving compared to the previous generation.

It has also been fitted with new equipment, increasing on-board and driver comfort. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions both down 3% 

The Renault Trucks T and T High version 2019 are already fitted with DTI 11 and DTI 13 Euro 6 Step D engines, compliant with the regulation due to take effect from 1 September 2019. They feature a new-generation post treatment system, made with new materials for increased durability. An Adblue quality sensor has also been added, whilst the seventh injector has been removed.


The Renault Trucks T 2019 is equipped with a new-generation Optivision system. This predictive speed regulator, which uses road topography to optimise gear changes, now stores data directly in the vehicle.

This adds to driver comfort, as the connection will no longer be lost, even in areas where the GPS provides no information, such as tunnels. Furthermore, route information is more accurate, enabling drivers to better plan their journeys. 

Last but not least, the adaptive Eco Cruise Control features new settings that use less fuel.The combination of these improvements and new equipment enable customers to achieve a 3% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous generation.

In this 2019 version, the T range truck cabs feature new top-of-the-range finishes. Inside, the vehicle dashboard boasts a carbon finish, which also features inside the doors, together with black leather seats and a new harmonised grey headliner.

Outside, the radiator grille and wing mirrors can now be customised, with a choice of two paint colours, glossy black or anodised orange. The vehicle ID plate features simplified, more easily visible wording, with the name of the vehicle, its power and motorisation. A further line is also available for customer personalisation.


Mpire Group Launches Foton’s 3S in Glenmarie  

Foton launchedIMG_0928

The Mpire Group has just successfully launched their Mpire Asia 3S centre at Glenmarie and the all new Foton View C2 5.4 meter panel van and the Foton CS2 L 6 meter 18-seater window van in Malaysia.

Foton launchedIMG_0920

Mpire Group thanks YB Tuan Tan Kok Wai, Malaysian special envoy to China and Datuk Aishah Ahmad, MAA President who together graced and officiated the event. A big thank you also goes to Mr. Khoo Kah Chin, President of KL & Selangor Used car and Credit Companies Association and the top management from Foton International who attended the event.

Foton launchedIMG_0942 Foton launchedIMG_0944 Foton launchedIMG_0945

Foton launchedIMG_0908 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 Foton launchedIMG_0933 Foton launchedIMG_0938 Foton launchedIMG_0940 Foton launchedIMG_0941 Foton launchedIMG_0947 Foton launchedIMG_0948 Foton launchedIMG_0949 Foton launchedIMG_0950


Volvo Trucks Malaysia To Deliver 28 Trucks to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd


Volvo Trucks Malaysia handed over brand new Volvo trucks to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd in an official handover ceremony held at their HQ in Lukut, Port Dickson. The handover saw 17 units delivered to Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd, with an additional 11 set for delivery in 2019.

The senior leadership team of both Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd and Volvo Trucks attended the ceremony. Of the 17 trucks handed over during the ceremony, two were Volvo FH440, seven were Volvo FM370 and eight were Volvo FM440. The remaining eleven will be five Volvo FM370 and six Volvo FM440.

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd is a road transportation logistics company established in 2001 and was a result of the merging of several companies and their fleets to form one consortium. The business primarily operates in Port Dickson, Westport, Puchong/KVDT, Kapar, Kempas/Johore and HICOM/Shah Alam with Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as their main customer.


Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd is one of the best haulage companies in the region based on their safety and operational excellence
with acknowledgement coming from many industry players.

Richard Tee Chu Wong, Managing Director of Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd said, “The addition of 28 new Volvo trucks are a testament to our commitment to provide even better services to our customers and to help them achieve their business goals efficiently. Having also signed the Volvo Service Agreement, we now have the ease of mind when it comes to maintenance of our Volvo trucks. I am confident that our
choice of including these additional trucks to our fleet will allow us to go further in the oil and gas transportation industry.”

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd presently owns and operates 15 Volvo Trucks. The addition of 28 new trucks from the handover will see Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd boast a total of 43 Volvo trucks in their fleet, servicing clients in several location across Malaysia.

The decision to purchase the trucks by Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd was made based on the healthy relationship built between the two companies over the years as well as in acknowledgement of the quality of aftermarket services offered by Volvo Trucks.

Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd also hopes to learn more about handling and maintaining their Volvo trucks through this handover.

“We at Volvo Trucks strive to provide the best offerings, both in terms of our trucks and our services, to all our customers,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

“Especially with Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd’s clientele in the oil and gas industry, safety and quality are the two most important aspect to look at when looking for a transportation partner. It is an honour to be the top choice with the addition of 28 brand new Volvo Trucks to their fleet. We will continue to offer our best in class services to ensure the highest performance and return on investment for our
business partners.”

With a good record of performance, Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd has further grown its business by diversifying to industrial gases, other oleo chemical products as well as retail petrol stations. In the future, Konsortium PD Sdn Bhd also hopes to expand into the warehousing business.


Yutong To Become Leading Electric Bus Supplier In South America


Yutong Bus has reached agreements to deliver 100 full electric buses to Chile. Having sent more than 20,000 vehicles to Latin America over the past 15 years, Yutong has become the leading Chinese bus supplier on the continent.

The 100 full electric buses will be used by Buses Vule and STP Santiago to serve the Santiago public transportation system. Yutong‘s delivery comes as the Chilean government has launched an environmentally-friendly urban development policy, part of which includes a program to replace current city buses with new-energy vehicles by 2050.

E12 Electrical Bus, the model Yutong will deliver to Chile, is equipped with 324kWh power capacity and low energy consumption. The model comes with a 150kw DC charge, making it easier and faster for the vehicles to charge. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the bus. Under the premise of continuing the vehicle operation, the buses can be charged at a lower price at night, reducing the cost of the client’s subsequent operation.


“For 13 years we’ve been strengthening our presence in Chile, deploying the ‘Yutong Model’ of customized products, accessories, financing and comprehensive protection to serve different customers in different markets,” said Chang HaoYutong‘s deputy general manager of overseas markets.

Yutong has ranked as the No.1 Chinese bus exporter in Latin America in the past three years, with a total of 20,635 buses delivered to date, making up 54% of all Chinese exports in the sector, demonstrating the Company’s leading position on the continent.

To serve vehicles that are already in use in ChileYutong has set up seven service stations in partnership to provide one-stop service, as well as operational training. The courses on driving, maintenance, vehicle structure, emergency handling and troubleshooting are provided especially for new energy bus.

In 2017, Yutong saw a total sale of 67,568 large- and medium-sized buses including 24,865 new-energy buses. It has become the world-leading new-energy bus maker with international recognitions, successfully entering the markets in the United KingdomFranceChileBulgariaIceland and Macao in China.


Chevrolet Bison designed to take on the Ford Raptor

This is the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison which looks like a product designed to take on the Ford Raptor head on. The Bison is Chevy’s first collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), a premium off-road aftermarket manufacturer.

For maximum protection of key undercarriage elements while driving over rocky, jagged terrain, Bison features five skid plates covering the engine oil pan, fuel tank, transfer case and front and rear locking differentials. Designed by AEV, these skid plates are constructed of hard, durable hot-stamped Boron steel.

AEV-designed stamped steel front and rear bumpers further shield the truck from obstacles. The front bumper contains winch provisions and standard fog lights, with recovery points integrated into the rear bumper. An exclusive, flow-through “CHEVROLET” lettered grille replaces the traditional bowtie on Bison’s front end. The 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac off-road tires sit beneath larger fender flares and wrap all-new, ZR2 Bison-specific 17 x 8-inch aluminum wheels. This new Colorado variant also features “Bison” decals on the bed sides, an “AEV Bison” logo on the tailgate and embroidered AEV logo floor liners and front head restraints.


The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison also comes equipped with,

  • Class-exclusive front and rear locking electronic differentials.
  • Revolutionary, segment-exclusive Multimatic DSSVTM dampers.
  • Off-road rocker protection.
  • Cast-iron control arms.
  • Autotrac transfer case.
  • Like ZR2, Bison also features a modified rear axle with a 3.42 ratio, front and rear tracks widened by 3.5 inches and a factory suspension lifted 2 inches over a Colorado Z71.

The new Chevrolet partner for Malaysia has not been revealed as yet but rumors suggest 2 companies are looking at the Chevrolet franchise. The first is a long established automotive group and the other is brand new industrial equipment supplier. More will be shared soon.


Evoque PHEV variant for Malaysia after NAP 2018 arrives

The Evoque joins the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover in offering plug-in hybrid (PHEV) options and it might just come to Malaysia if the National Automotive Policy 2018 (NAP) gives incentives for PHEV and low emission vehicles.

For this new Evoque PHEV, Land Rover will add a 300-volt plug-in hybrid will toward the end of next year. It will have an electric motor mated to a new 3-cylinder petrol engine that will reduce CO2 emissions to below 45 grams per km.

The Evoque’s all-wheel drive versions will be available with a 48-volt mild-hybrid that adds a belt-driven starter-generator to capture energy lost in braking and add electric assistance under acceleration.

The engine will also shut off below speeds of 17km/h to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. The most fuel efficient mild-hybrid diesel version has CO2 emissions of 149 g/km, Land Rover said.

Electrification is key to reducing JLR’s CO2 levels below the agreed 135 g/km average needed to avoid fines when the European Union introduce tougher CO2 emissions limits for new vehicles in 2020/21.

JLR’s average European emissions are currently at 178 g/km, the company said earlier this year. JLR said last year every new model will come with electrified options from 2020 onwards.

The most powerful option is a petrol version with an output of 296 hp. The Evoque will continue to be available with a 9-speed automatic gearbox. This new Evoque is not bigger than the model it replaces and features almost identical footprint. However, thanks to Land Rover’s new mixed-metal Premium Transverse Architecture, it provides more room for the passengers, especially at the back. The cargo space is some 6% larger at 610 liters growing up to 1,430 liters with the rear seats folded. Look out for its arrival here in Malaysia in the coming months.


Rainforest Challenge 2018 fueled by Petron

Petron returns to power one of the world’s top ten toughest motor race off-road events, the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Grand Finale in Malaysia as the official fuel sponsor and engine oil partner. Petron fueled more than 150 4×4 vehicles participated by 300 off road driving enthusiasts from 30 nations to compete against the odds in Malaysia’s dense tropical rainforest starting 24 November.

“Petron is proud to be a partner of this super league of extreme 4×4 motor sports as its official fuel partner for the third year. The Rainforest Challenge has definitely brought out the best sporting spirit in everyone. This year, we introduced our engine oil Petron Rev-X Engine Oil to complement the Turbo Diesel Euro 5 in this legendary race for an even better performance and excellent engine cleaning action. This partnership underscores our products’ superiority, which have been proven to be the best fuel-lubes match even for the most adventurous off-road race as well as for your daily journeys,” said Choong Kum Choy, Head of Retail Business of Petron Malaysia.

“RFC is, indeed, proud to have Petron as our fuel and engine oil partner especially as we face tough conditions during the monsoon season. Drenched terrains demand toughest products to keep us going. The adage ‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going’ is very appropriately applied to Petron’s products in the Rainforest Challenge. This year, we faced the longest off-road sector under monsoon conditions but we are very confident that the fuel and engine oil from Petron enables us to finish the race,” said Founder and Creator of Rainforest Challenge & RFC Global Series, Luis J.A. Wee.

Petron Turbo Diesel Euro 5 is formulated to improve engine performance, ensure better fuel economy, and extend engine life. It has much lower Sulphur content, 10 parts per million and is 50 times cleaner than Euro 2M diesel, helping reduce exhaust emissions and withstand the extreme heat of today’s fuel injection systems. Petron Rev-X Engine Oil protects the engine with Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DC Tech) to keep the engine clean for improved wear protection and smoother operations.

RFC Malaysia, the pinnacle of 4×4 extreme off-road racing is the finale event from the RFC Global Series (RFCGS) which is a worldwide off-road racing circuit spanning 22 nations with 45 events. This year, the route will take participants from Kota Bahru, Tanah Merah, Kuala Krai and ending at Gua Musang. Stages of the race are named Predator, Terminator and Twilight Zone which include navigating the endless steep downhills and uphill, crossing narrow bridges, tropical swamps, steered around the brown-red mud pools and cutting across the mighty river at Bering.

The event was flagged off on 24 November at Dataran Redha, Kota Lama Kota Bharu, with local police cars escorting the racing convoy to Tumpat Pantai Sri Tujuh for their first overnight campsite. The participants refueled at the Petron service station in Belimbing, Tanah Merah before entering the challenge’ pitstops at Air Naga, Gua Harimau and Bering.

Due to the long off-road section out of reach of any towns or villages, all race and support vehicles must carry enough fuel to last them from 27 November right up to closing day on 4 December. Teams entered the final stopover at Pos Gob pit stop – the deepest aborigines’ settlement in Kelantan that marks their 6th campsite for the race. The off-roaders next preceeded their journey for Kuala Betis and have their tanks refueled for the final time at Petron service station in Gua Musang.