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Suzuki Jimny 2018 model on its way

Coming next month is this the all-new Suzuki Jimny – a return to no-nonsense off-roading. We’ve already seen photos of the new Jimny design in a few different colours, and it’s definitely going for a retro vibe – akin to the styling found in the 1st generation model.

The new car will be launched on the 5th of July. Engine options range from an R06A 660cc, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine, a newly developed K15C 1.5-L four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, a 998cc K10C, three-cylinder turbo petrol, a K12C 1.2-L, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated DualJet petrol engine and a K12B 1.2-L, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine.


Jeep Should Return NOW To Malaysia With Its 1.3L Turbo Engine

Jeeps’ New 1.3 Turbo Petrol engine lineup. Now, Jeep Renegade is being renewed – building on the strengths which drove it to change a market crowded by crossovers. Today, its safety equipment is even more comprehensive and the infotainment systems are cutting edge. True to Jeep philosophy, the new Renegade goes beyond limits and offers a new engine range developed to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and outstanding performance both on and off-road.

The new turbo petrol engines are debuting on the new Renegade. Based on a modular structure, they are available in two configurations: a 1-liter 3-cylinder delivering 120hp of peak power and 190Nm of peak torque paired with a 6-speed manual transmission and a 1.3-liter four-cylinder delivering 150hp paired with a DDCT dual clutch transmission – both with front-wheel drive. A lively turbo 1.3-liter, 180hp paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and 4WD is also available. Peak torque of both 1.3-liter engines is equal to 270Nm.


Scania continues to gather vital data on platooning  

Scania and its partner, Finnish operator Ahola Transport, recently headed way north for platooning trials 300 kilometres above the Arctic Circle.


“Norwegian winter roads are a perfect testing ground for us, simply because driving is so much more challenging than on more southerly European roads,” says Project Manager Christian Bergstrand, Scania. “This is particularly demanding for platooning technology.”

Scania and Ahola earlier this spring agreed to jointly develop semi-autonomous truck platooning with three or more connected trucks on public roads. The partnership will also focus on developing other new transport technologies related to driver assistance.

“The test in Norway marks the start of a series of Scania and Ahola trials,” says Bergstrand. “With three trucks now fully equipped for platooning, Ahola will evaluate how they fit into their operations. This will give valuable experience in the further development of platooning.

Among the factors to be examined are driver acceptance, transport logistics planning as well as the benefits of platooning.

In the platooning trials in Norway, the convoy of trucks transferred real-time information to a control centre tasked with of coordinating vehicles and tasks.

“The benefits of platooning encompass far more than technology,” says Development Director Mika Sorvisto, Ahola. “Good coordination is necessary for forming a platoon with the right number of vehicles driving on the same road section at the same time.”



Scania R 450 wins the “Most Efficient Truck 2018”award  

Encamión, the leading Spanish truck news website, has named Scania R 450 Highline the “Most Efficient Truck 2018”.

The new generation Scania truck clocked an average fuel consumption of 25.19 litres/100 km. This is a six percent improvement over results recorded by Encamión in its tests of a Scania R 450 Topline two years earlier. The magazine attributes the success of the new Scania R 450 to its cruise control system and improved aerodynamics, stating that the truck is “not only efficient, but also simple to operate”.




As was the case in the season-opening meeting at Misano in May, last weekend at the Hungaroring was all about action, close racing and unpredictability in the new-look GRAMMER TRUCK CUP. Three different drivers took category wins over the course of four races and six different names featured on the podium in the highly competitive class for CHROME categorised drivers.


Steffen Faas triumphed in Race 2 and added two third places (secured in races one and three respectively) to his total tally of 38-points scored in Hungary.

His weekend could have been even better if it was not for a drive through penalty in Race 4 that buried his chances of almost certain victory.

“It was a good weekend. I’ve learned the track and our truck was very good here. Overall, I had a good time here. Race 4 was my best one but I had problems with penalty markers and a drive through,” said the

Jamie Anderson, who completed only his fifth ever truck racing meeting last weekend, secured a victory in Race 3 and scored a total of 37 points, only one less than Faas. “Saturday was an eventful day, but we scored solid points on Sunday,” explained Anderson.

“It all comes down to experience and now it only grows, so it’s not a bad position to be at all. We had a puncture on Saturday, which was a shame, it was only three corners in so that hit us hard.”

“The experience is growing already. There are some good points to take and I’m not going to shy away from the fight,” he added. Despite showing good performance Anderson is modest talking about his chances in the upcoming ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the end of the month.

“The Nürburgring will be a brand new track for us. We’ll need to learn the circuit, set up the truck so there will be a lot of things going against us,” he said. Shane Brereton was another driver who impressed, starting and finishing off the weekend on a high, with victories in the first and fourth races.


World’s First Locally Assembled UD Croner Truck Rolled Out in Malaysia


UD Trucks and Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), an importer and distributor in Malaysia, celebrated a key milestone when they rolled out the world’s first complete knocked-down (CKD) Croner in Malaysia. This achievement made Malaysia the first market in the world to locally assemble Croner and roll out successfully.

Malaysia’s high-speed road network is expanding, and cross-border and long-distance freight traffic is vigorous. This is leading to changing customer needs and a demand for trucks that combine high reliability, safety and productivity. To offer a truck that meets these needs, UD Trucks and TCIE have started CKD production of the Croner PKE and LKE.  The Croner PKE is fitted with a high output engine for regional and long haul, while the Croner LKE is a multi-purpose model for efficient in-city and city-to-city distribution.

UD Trucks and TCIE have had a solid and highly successful 40-year partnership, together achieving total sales of 45,000 trucks in Malaysia during that period. Since 2016 it has invested 1.5 million Malaysia Ringit in SKD (semi knock-down) production of the heavy-duty Quester, and has now shifted to CKD production. The production assembly is carried out at its Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd (TCMA), where it has recently invested a further 4.5 million Malaysia Ringit.

Tan Keng Meng, TCIE’s Executive Director, said: “Our locally-assembled Croner trucks will not only represent the hallmarks of what UD Trucks stands for, but also give logistics operators all that are needed to work efficiently and effectively at a competitive price. This is very important especially in a competitive market like Malaysia. This is what we want to aim for our customers, as their satisfaction and trust in us remain our top priorities.”

UD Trucks contributes to developing engineering skills by sharing production technology and hands-on approach in training, to enable efficient management of the expanded facility and to ensure a smooth roll-out of the locally-assembled Croner truck. Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks said: “Croner is a versatile, reliable, safe and fuel-efficient medium-duty truck range that is developed with the Asian customers in mind. It is a truck range designed to deliver extra productivity and superior uptime as it combined the best of three worlds, which are UD Trucks’ Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, Volvo Group’s proven technologies and TCIE’s local resourcing, expertise and market reach.”

TCIE has an extensive network of 43 services centers and dealerships nationwide. UD Extra Mile Support including UD Driver Training, UD Telematics and UD Trust Service offers complete support for customer needs.


The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition — A Tribute to An Icon


To celebrate the introduction of the Volvo FH in 1993, a quarter of a century ago, Volvo Trucks releases The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition. Available as both Volvo FH and Volvo FH 16, it is characterized by its distinctive exterior and interior design, superb driver comfort and state-of-the-art features.

Volvo FH is one of the industry’s most successful models ever with nearly 1 million trucks sold, creating a way of life for millions of drivers all over the world. The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition is therefore not only a celebration of the truck itself but also a tribute to all the customers and drivers who have been driving this icon for the past 25 years.


“Volvo FH is the perfect representation of a customer focused mindset and a model that has been pushing the boundaries for a quarter of a century. This magnificent edition truck is therefore both a tribute to the first 25 years and a starting point for our continued successful journey with customers and drivers”, says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.

“The first-generation Volvo FH meant so much for Volvo Trucks and the whole industry. It was a milestone; in fact, it was a game changer that totally transformed the perception of a modern truck. Working on the design of the edition truck has been a real honor,” says Nigel Atterbury, Senior Graphic Designer at Volvo Trucks.


The exterior of this special edition is best described as contemporary with a retro twist. The silver/grey and orange décor highlights the truck’s origin and the striping forms the number 25 to signal the anniversary. The striping combines 3D effects and shadows to echo the design trend of the early 1990’s and gives the truck a distinct retro look. There are two launch colors, one darker, cool grey tone (Mammoth Tree Metallic) and a shiny red (Crimson Pearl), the latter a modern tribute to the original red cab color of 1993.

When opening the door, a premium and luxurious interior awaits the driver. Safety has always been key in the Volvo FH and this passion is manifested by orange details in everything from seat belt stitches to curtains, carpets and reflective safety door decals. Using subtle, yet distinct accents, the design team has created a continuation of the safety and driver focus that has always been essential in the Volvo FH. And to enhance a great driving experience, the seats combine quilt and leather to offer exceptional comfort and design.


The edition truck also embodies how the Volvo FH has been and remains an innovation leader. It includes some of the truck’s latest breakthroughs and it can be specified with the brand-new extensions to Volvo Dynamic Steering:

  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist. Designed to prevent skidding accidents.
  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist. Engineered to help the driver stay in lane, preventing collisions and roll-over accidents.
  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings. Allows individual adjustment of steering wheel resistance for convenient and comfortable driving.


“This truck really shows how Volvo Trucks is driving progress and continues to set new standards in trucking, just like the Volvo FH has done since 1993,” says Tomas Thuresson, Global Long Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks, and concludes: “It is a fantastic edition that pays tribute to a quite outstanding truck and the millions of people; customers, drivers and fans that have been engaged in the Volvo FH for 25 years.”



Land Rover To Family Camper……Conversion Special

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, or circumstances. Like having a tree fall on your head, for instance.




Photo credit – Paul Si, Chris & Anja Ebner

After suffering serious injuries in two accidents while working as a lumberjack, Christian Ebner decided to try a safer career, like converting Land Rovers into campers. Working from Aachen, near the German-Belgian border, he rebuilt derelict Defenders into tip-top overlanding machines capable of travelling anywhere in the world for customers, many of whom never left Germany.

So, before he turned 40, Chris and his wife Anja decided to build one for and go see the world for themselves. He bought an ex-military Forward Control 101 ambulance in England, put it on a trailer and towed it back home behind his Defender 90.

Working with Anja, he replaced the original petrol V8 engine with a diesel TDI 300, freshened the chassis and running gear, handcrafted all the interior into a cosy home on wheels, and started driving after a year’s hard work.

With a carnet du passage and their passports in hand, they drove out of western Europe into Russia, traversed through the ex-Soviet republics with names that ended with -tan, and into Outer Mongolia, before shipping their vehicle to Cambodia to continue their adventures.

“We decided to skip China because there was just too much red tape, which made it too expensive,” Chris said.

After several weeks exploring Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, they made their way to Peninsula Malaysia, where the Land Rover Owners Club of Malaysia welcomed them and made them feel at home.

They then shipped the Land Rover to Kota Kinabalu, from where they toured the whole of Sabah before heading to Sarawak via Brunei.

“We love the natural beauty of Borneo, and try to visit as many national parks as we can,” Chris and Anja told the writer in Kuching. They avoid crowded areas like cities, and shun hotels since their camper is a perfectly comfortable bedroom, as well as kitchen and dining room.

They bade “Auf Wiedersehen” to Malaysia on June 20 and crossed at Tebedu-Entikong into Kalimantan to explore Indonesia, planning to island-hop their way to Timor Lesteand then Australia before heading home.


Daihatsu Announces New Prices with Zero-Rated GST

Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. today confirms its new prices for all its models in line with the zero-rated Goods and Services Tax (GST) which takes effect from 1st June 2018 onwards.


The newly priced Daihatsu Gran Max will reflect savings from RM3,597 up to RM5,337 for its range of pickup variants, while prices for the Gran Max panel vans will see savings between RM3,710 to RM4,610.  Additionally, all Daihatsu models come with a standard 3 years/100,000 km warranty.

Daihatsu Malaysia Managing Director Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said, “Daihatsu Malaysia will also be giving out attractive festive promo of up to RM4,000 for a limited time on top of the zero-rated GST on selected Gran Max variants.”


3 Reasons Why Modern Vehicles Catch Fire


This new Mini was on fire along Jalan Kayu in Singapore recently and many were wondering why it was on fire when there was no accident. So why does a modern car suddenly self-combust?


  1. Get your aftermarket accessories from a well known or a reliable dealer/installer. Many car manufacturers in the last 10 years do not recommend aftermarket accessories for a reason. Many such accessories draw electricity or power from the vehicle’s original wiring which is meant for a totally different reason. They might run on a different fuse capacity or just that wiring could be left exposed which could create a spark and then a fire.
  1. The catalytic converters in your modern car emit a lot of heat. This could in-turn start melting plastic body parts like the bumpers or side skirts and can result in a fire. If there is an issue or they are not properly maintained, they could catch fire, causing damage to you and your car. Also…..aftermarket bumpers and body kits may add to the risk because although they look fancy, they might cut down air supply required to keep hot engine parts cool.
  1. Fuel is a very, very flammable substance. If it comes in contact with anything like plastic, metal, rubber or just about anything, the time for disaster can never be quicker. Make sure there are no leaks in the fuel line. Never try squeezing more fuel than what the vehicle can hold.

Modern car engineers put a lot of effort to provide great sound system and in car cabin ambient lighting from the factory and car designers take pride in providing the best aerodynamics for your new car whilst keeping to the shape of your new car. Try and not believe what the aftermarket bodykit, stereo and accessory salesman promises to be a ‘professional job will be done’. I am speaking from experience of being ‘played’ by accessory salespersons.